Who We Are

T. Adam Woods - Founder

T Adam is passionate about customer service, good design and great food, especially BBQ and comfort food. Already Brisketburgh has been a outlet for those passions, he loves seeing people enjoy the food he is creating and is equally excited to lead the community aspects of Brisketburgh.

Bryan Rice - BBQ and Food Science Advisor

Bryan is an award winning BBQ pit master in addition to the chief technology officer at Archinet. His generous contributions of time knowledge and equipment have been instrumental to the success of the public launch events.

Ross Grieco - Social Media Advisor and Content Producer

With a background in marketing and business and as an all around geek and technologist, Ross sometimes allows Brisketburgh to be in two places at once. He helps Brisketburgh connect with all of you.

Ben Dougherty - Food Truck Advisor

As the owner and operator of the Pgh Po Boy food truck, Ben has been through every step we are experiencing as a startup mobile food company. His knowledge and connections are only surpassed by his spirit and generosity.

Bill Germain - Sustainability Advisor

There is probably no one better suited to help guide Brisketburgh on a path of sustainability than Bill. Through his consultancy PIK Sustainable and work as a business analyst at Boulder-based Eco-Cycle, Bill brings a life-cycle approach and expertise in the areas of sustainable management for restaurants and food service, events, and Zero Waste to our team. Bill holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy & Management from the University of Denver with a concentration in Energy & Sustainability.

David Roman - Volunteer and Charity Support Advisor

As a painter and photographer, David has many passions including a commitment to volunteering and service. David has planned and lead volunteer opportunities for large corporations with as many as 300 employees. We look forward to bringing David's knowledge and passion to Brisketburgh. 

Our Start

Hi, I'm T Adam, the founder of Brisketburgh, a brand new mobile food provider serving the Pittsburgh community. As with any food service business, the goal is to make the best food I possibly can and see it enjoyed by the most people possible; creating community through my food. But that's not enough...what does it mean "to serve the community?" And how can a mobile food company do that? Can a business find success and commit to sustainability, sourcing goods and services locally whenever possible and supporting food charities? I intend to find out.