Our Community Principels

Shop Local

We are striving to support local businesses through our sourcing of goods and services. Sometimes it works great and sometimes it is proving to be a challenge. We tried to use a local insurance agent to purchase liability insurance but they proved to be less than responsive and not competitive in price and coverage to on online provider. On the other hand we have found a great local family owned and operated print shop who do great work and are invested in our success. Our number one priority in the coming weeks is to find a local provider of Brisket. We have been using local buttermilk and butter in our biscuits and will continue to expand local sourcing to things like Maple Syrup and Honey and will build future menu items around the availability of local sourcing of ingredients. 

Fight Hunger

One of the earliest ideas in this realm is to commit to a once a month service at a shelter, soup kitchen or food bank serving delicious food at no cost, and that is a firm commitment for our first operating season. There are so many charities doing great work in the Pittsburgh community around food and hunger and we will explore working with them through truck round ups, serving at fundraising events or donating profits for specific events.

Preserve The Planet

We have taken small steps like serving on 100% recycled and recyclable trays and started thinking big exploring costs on a solar package for the truck. This is an area where we have a lot of learning to do and we are excited to see where it leads.